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CUExperiments is a collective of experimental handmade projects I've personally designed & created. Each experiment is fabricated through the inspirations of everyday living.

-Cory U

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No experiment is complete without a test day. Behold the Open Back Tank.

Today I’m wearing the newest of new experiments “out & about” the town to see how out falls, if it falls down, & how it feels through a day of living. 

I started this Open Back Tank only six days ago with the scariest bit to accomplish being the top half. Working from bottom to top was new territory for me. It’s tough figuring out the length you need before working on the most fitted areas of the body. By the very end, I added some ribbed length to the bottom to complete the look. (All links above are to the documented instagram progress of the week.)

Hopefully I’ll have a doppelgänger up at CUExperiments on etsy soon enough! 

What do you think of my weeks worth of design?

-Cory U

First sweater experiment for CUExperiments! Definitely my favourite part of making a new pattern. Love figuring it all out first hand & designing something brand new. Still a long work in progress but this is definitely working out better than anyone else’s pattern I’ve tried to learn with. Complete DIY project.

-Cory U

Teaching @its_nomers how to crochet!

Something new #wip #cuexperiments #crochet #handmade

Working to finish a very special experiment inspired by my travels, Australia & letter writing today. #handmade #cuexperiments (Taken with Instagram)

Working on some finishing touches to one of my latest experiments. Can you guess the inspiration?

-Cory U

Working on another wreath experiment, among with a whole lot of other ideas racing in my head. Not enough time for myself anymore! (Taken with Instagram)

Flat Fox! A #handmade WIP CUExperiment in the making. (Taken with instagram)

Late night sewing experiment… Slipper socks! Pattern almost completed in half a days work. (Taken with instagram)

Which Rudolph do you like best? #helpme #handmade #crafts (Taken with instagram)

I have to say my costume is coming along just as well as planned. I never know since I don’t use a pattern & most times I’m short on the stock pile of fabric I have. I’ll be working on sleeves tonight. This is definitely a good personal CUExperiment challenge for me.

-Cory U

Shhhh!! Here’s sneak peak at some sparkly CUE Winter Mitts. Keep quiet though; I wouldn’t want to jinx an early snow now would I?

-Cory U

Making hearts, not breaking hearts (Taken with instagram)

I’m working on a new experiment that I should be finishing very very soon. This is far from anything close to the end result, but the trial & error of pattern making is one of the best parts. Can’t wait to get this one posted soon! For now it’s just another WIP. 

-Cory U

Call me optimistic.

I bought A LOT of yarn today. I’ve got lots of experiments to start working on & got a little carried away today. I honestly did already have half of this amount already (mostly).

-Cory U

P.S. I love how this photo makes every colour look a little off & discoloured. Keeps it all a real mystery. Dun dun dunnnn.