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Always searching for inspiring things. I like to make handmade experiments.

& can secretly be bribed with coffee... shhh!

Currently blogging about my adventures, hobbies & inspiring finds.

CUExperiments is a collective of experimental handmade projects I've personally designed & created. Each experiment is fabricated through the inspirations of everyday living.

-Cory U

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NEW! Striped Mitts in the CUExperiments shop. Places like Melbourne is getting chilly after all!

(Currently 20% off with Coupon Code “KANGOO”)

-Cory U

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Use Coupon Code “011212” for 20% off all CUE items until early January.

-Cory U

My mitts got a bit of a makeover photo wise. Up close & personal with Fufu Bunny & a few other designs. Have a look!

-Cory U

New charms & some temporary price drops. Have a look!

-Cory U

Keep your hands warm until the Summer season approaches. Price drop from $34 to $30 for these original Stitched Fingerless Mitts. More listings & price drops added soon at CUExperiments

Custom Grey Fufu Bunny Mitts are finished & ready to ship! Bye bye love bunnies.

-Cory U

Working on some Fufu Bunny mitts in Steel Grey tonight. Special order, here it comes!

Headed out to intern today & this is what I came home too. Crazy Winter weather. Wasn’t it just the first day of Spring?

Still sporting my bow though & always got my Fufu Bunny mitts on. Even a few charms here & there. What is it that they say… “you’re your best customer”? Can’t argue that!

-Cory U

I while ago I made myself some bunny mitts. Now these cute little Fufu love bunnies are are up on Etsy for you or a friend ;)