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CUExperiments is a collective of experimental handmade projects I've personally designed & created. Each experiment is fabricated through the inspirations of everyday living.

-Cory U

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It’s amazing to think this photo was taken well over a year ago now. Today marks the longest day I’ve ever lived! Flying home from Australia, I spent all of October 24, 2012 in transit in far too many airports & time zones. I miss it all.

-Cory U

I sent out another bunch of postcards to family last week. My family’s too big & I’ve had to be strategic in sending out snail mail. Costly, but nothing beats a cheesy postcard that’s traveled the globe to get to you.

My little sister, D, just got hers in the mail. She took the photo of me jumping on the beaches in Florida, so I figured a jumping kangaroo on the beaches would be a perfect fit. I think she appreciated it.

-Cory U

PS D Tweets & Blogs too!

Sometimes I think I share more photos of Dana than of me… We both got to hold a baby Joey Wallaby before the end of our first day. Still can’t believe how much he wasn’t scared to be passed around by all of us; I think it helped that he was being fed. Again, too cute!

Next up: Something I did just for Brother Nick

-Cory U

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A good while back we spent the day with our “Canadian Tour Guides” & headed to the Healsville Sanctuary. You can read up about our day HERE & HERE but here’s a little video to go along with it now too! 

It’s pretty well all just animals & commentary; but you do meet Kevin the talking & dancing bird, & watch a boomerang get thrown on a very windy day. (This guy’s got skills!)

Our only disappointment (besides not petting a Koala) was not being able to get any footage of the fast swimming platypus. It was too dark in there & they move way too fast. 

Tidbits of Aussie Animals (by Connect3hree)

-Cory U