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Always searching for inspiring things. I like to make handmade experiments.

& can secretly be bribed with coffee... shhh!

Currently blogging about my adventures, hobbies & inspiring finds.

CUExperiments is a collective of experimental handmade projects I've personally designed & created. Each experiment is fabricated through the inspirations of everyday living.

-Cory U

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What a tasty treat! I would definitely eat grapefruit from a grapefruit bowl. Mmmmm with brown sugar! Found on Etsy.

-Cory U

Carry something sweet wherever you go. Fruit Slice Charms on Big Cartel.

-Cory U

All my CUE Charms on Etsy have been updated with new photos. Worked on getting some bold & accurate colour images of them all. Have a look! 

-Cory U

There’s a watermelon in my tree! Another addition to my Etsy charms.

Just like the others, this Watermelon Charm has been stuffed with yarn ends instead of polyester stuffing so that my projects leave behind no waste. 

Wear it. Hang it. Attach it. Gift it. Love it.

-Cory U

I was attracted to the combining of these colours too much that I couldn’t help but make a Blood Orange Charm.

I can’t believe how much waste I’ve cut back using my yarn ends to replace polyester stuffing. No garbage! 

Wear it. Hang it. Attach it. Gift it. Love it. This fruit will sure turn some heads.

-Cory U

The weather’s been nice enough to experiment with some new charm images. Until Spring starts to officially appear, I now have a charm tree!

-Cory U

I’m in the middle of making more slices of odd fruits, but this grapefruit will always be my tasty favourite. 

Grapefruit Charm on Etsy.

Gotta get your vitamin C somehow…

Click. Listen. & Enjoy. 

Looks tastey.