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CUExperiments is a collective of experimental handmade projects I've personally designed & created. Each experiment is fabricated through the inspirations of everyday living.

-Cory U

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I don’t want to grow up…

Well, there’s no real way of stopping that now but I know I’ll still always be a child at heart. This cameo & the rest from this shop are a great reminder of that. I didn’t realize how much of a fan I was of Disney until I came back from a stint working there. Peter Pan will always be a favourite story of mine & this cameo is tugging at my heart strings to buy. I love it!

-Cory U

(Yes, I know that J.M. Barrie was the great author behind Peter Pan & not Disney. I’ve read it before too.)

This wooden retro TV charm just looks so hilarious on this squirrel that I couldn’t help but share. Great way to display this nostalgia filled necklace.

This “Lock” charm is actually from an old typewriter key. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “under lock & key” now doesn’t it?


Flat Fox has no legs but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to go on adventures….

Like all my charms, Flat Fox has been made to cut back on waste. Instead of using excessive materials like polyester stuffing & metallic findings each charm is filled with recycled yarn ends from past experiments & includes a crocheted non-detachable loop.

Flat Fox & other CUE charms can be found at Etsy

Select CUE charms can also be found at Big Cartel

-Cory U of CUExperiments

posted by designers of tumblr

It’s been a while since Flat Flat was first designed & posted as a finished experiment for CUE. After much delay Flat Fox is finally available for sale only on the CUE Etsy shop now.

-Cory U

All my CUE Charms on Etsy have been updated with new photos. Worked on getting some bold & accurate colour images of them all. Have a look! 

-Cory U

Adorable deer charm. By Two Little Doves.

Grabbed one of these great little pouches from Scout & Catalogue at the OOAK Toronto. Now I have something cute, Canadian & fashionable to throw my crochet materials in when I’m on the go. Always have work to do on the run, of course.

Check them out here & help support local. 

-Cory U

Have a little heart…

How about a Rose Pink heart?

-Cory U

Put up another Matryoshka Charm similar to the one I’ve sold. A more modern take on the Classic one, this charm is fuchsia and yellow.

Wear it. Play with it. Hang it. Love it.

-Cory U 

There’s a watermelon in my tree! Another addition to my Etsy charms.

Just like the others, this Watermelon Charm has been stuffed with yarn ends instead of polyester stuffing so that my projects leave behind no waste. 

Wear it. Hang it. Attach it. Gift it. Love it.

-Cory U

I was attracted to the combining of these colours too much that I couldn’t help but make a Blood Orange Charm.

I can’t believe how much waste I’ve cut back using my yarn ends to replace polyester stuffing. No garbage! 

Wear it. Hang it. Attach it. Gift it. Love it. This fruit will sure turn some heads.

-Cory U

New charms & some temporary price drops. Have a look!

-Cory U

The weather’s been nice enough to experiment with some new charm images. Until Spring starts to officially appear, I now have a charm tree!

-Cory U

Headed out to intern today & this is what I came home too. Crazy Winter weather. Wasn’t it just the first day of Spring?

Still sporting my bow though & always got my Fufu Bunny mitts on. Even a few charms here & there. What is it that they say… “you’re your best customer”? Can’t argue that!

-Cory U