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Always searching for inspiring things. I like to make handmade experiments.

& can secretly be bribed with coffee... shhh!

Currently blogging about my adventures, hobbies & inspiring finds.

CUExperiments is a collective of experimental handmade projects I've personally designed & created. Each experiment is fabricated through the inspirations of everyday living.

-Cory U

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Spring time calls for Big Pink Bows. 

Available in the etsy shop.

(via Big Pink Bow Crochet Hair Accessory Clip & Bow by CUExperiments)

-Cory U

Studs + Bows Headband coming soon! #cuexperiments

There’s a good bunch of new products at CUExperiments 

More mitts coming soon. Melbourne is getting chilly after all!

(Currently 20% off with Coupon Code “KANGOO”)

-Cory U

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Use Coupon Code “KANGOO” over at CUExperiments on Etsy for 20% off

-Cory U

One of a Kind Headband available HERE on etsy.

-Cory U

NEW Mint Sparkle Slouchy Hat available on Etsy by CUExperiments. The yarn is Aussie-made so it’ll only be available while I’m here! Limited opportunity experiment. 

-Cory U

First One of a Kind Experiment for CUE. Available on Etsy.

-Cory U

Fufu Bunny scarf is back in CUExperiments Etsy shop!

-Cory U

New experiments to the CUExperiments etsy shop.

-Cory U

Mint Tri-Colour Soft Bracelet. Available on CUExperiments etsy shop. (Taken with instagram)

CUExperiments is up & running again on Etsy.

Go check it out (& support my travels a little bit).

-Cory U

Working on a new crochet experiment. Hoping to get the CUE etsy shop up & running again soon. I’m too hooked to stop!

-Cory U


“Hello” Brooch by andODesign