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CUExperiments is a collective of experimental handmade projects I've personally designed & created. Each experiment is fabricated through the inspirations of everyday living.

-Cory U

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Thought this was a fitting Music Monday as it is the month of Halloween. I will agree, Labyrinth doesn’t really scream Halloween, but one day I will dress up as Sarah in this scene. It will happen. It must! I just need the time & money to put together the perfect poof of this outfit & her hair. I LOVE her hair! It’d also be a plus to find a friend gutsy enough to dress as Bowie too. Anyways…

Click. Listen. & Enjoy.

Labyrinth - As The World Falls Down (David Bowie)

-Cory U

The knitwear! The shapes! The cutouts! 

Can you tell I LOVE this video? So much inspiration in one video for me.

-Cory U


Vogue Italia - October 2014

Earlier this week I posted my latest Italian Vogue editorial with Steven Meisel, now here’s the video in all its “shape shifting” glory. Love these models and this styling by the great Karl Templer. Shout out to the beauty dream team of Guido Palau and Pat McGrath! 


Photographer: Steven Meisel

Stylist: Karl Templer

Hair: Guido Palau

Make-up: Pat McGrath

Models: Coco Rocha, Karlie Kloss, Lexi Boling, Sasha Pivovarova, & Aymeline Valade

Simply soft spoken. I’d love to see this lace collar glamming up simple t-shirts all over the map.

Feather Lace Collar Necklace Cream Handmade by CUExperiments

-Cory U

Too hot to handle. Just think about it for a second & remind yourself that at melting temperatures of 815°C the glasswork truly is just too hot.

The amount of work that goes into these designs is unbelievably thoughtful. Click the link below from Colossal, to read how it’s done. It’s remarkable!

-Cory U


Artist Carol Milne Knits with Glass

Let’s “Throwback Thursday” to last weekend’s Thanksgiving dinner…

My cousin took hold of her sister’s camera & snapped this shot of me being, well, me. I always seem to be sitting around family with a cup of coffee always in my hand.

I was wearing a CUExperiments amethyst scarf round my neck, a polka-dot dress from F21, & my new moonstone ring from Blackiris Design. I have to also point out my second layer of purple skin from the magical company, KT TAPE. I wear that tape almost weekly now to support my hands & arms. Purple has become my go-to colour for sure.

-Cory U

Notes: Thanksgiving Weekend, 2014. Pic taken with itsnomers's camera by not-itsnomers

Still one of my favourite experiments. The rich red, turquoise, blue & gold turned out better than I ever imagined.

Hoping to get it’s sister in pastels up in the shop when I’m not a little sickie anymore. In the mean time, more tea please!

Feather Lace Collar Necklace Dark Gold Handmade by CUExperiments

-Cory U

-Cory U

This little comic was so cute & inspiring. Positive words aren’t said enough, & even though it’s a little tricky, I love what this kid did.

-Cory U



My little secret.

Too cute!

'Every night I try my best to dream

Tomorrow makes it better

And wake up to the cold reality

And not a thing is changed

But it will happen

Gotta let it happen

Gotta let it happen

Gotta let it happen

It’s just a spark

But it’s enough to keep me going

And when it’s dark out, no one’s around

It keeps glowing’

Click. Listen. & Enjoy.

Last Hope. By Paramore.

-Cory U

I was on the phone with my brother the moment this scrolled across my screen, “Oh my gosh! It’s the cutest thing ever. I’m sharing it with you now!”

What a pleasant surprise seeing one of the best, cuddly, Henson creatures pop-up right in front of me. How can you not love Ludo? Friend indeed.

-Cory U


He’ll Be There For You.

(via fuckyeahlabyrinth)

Crochet charms are back at CUExperiments on Etsy! 

Each charm is inspired by the leftover odds & ends of each crochet experiment. Instead of throwing out yarn pieces, I like to create small experiments that can be filled with these recycled pieces from past experiments.

Each charm is uniquely filled with the ends of past experiments, instead of polyester stuffing fibres.

View Charms by CUExperiments on Etsy

-Cory U

P.S. I’m sending out a little coupon love this month to any that favourite items or the shop itself, CUExperiments on etsy.

If you haven’t shopped on etsy yet, here’s the perfect opportunity to also get $5 towards your first etsy purchase. Get those dets here.

I think like this every time I pack. & every time I pack, I have to change bags just to fit my yarn. No joke. It’s happened. It’s happened multiple times actually. It will probably happen tonight when I start packing to leave for (Canadian) Thanksgiving Weekend. 

-Cory U

Sweatshirt found via If I Can’t Take My Yarn. I’m Not Going | HUMAN | T-Shirts, Tanks, Sweatshirts and Hoodies

It’s a work in progress, but I’m slowly getting ready for the winter season at CUExperiments on etsy. Scary to say winter is coming, & it seems to be coming up fast!

If you’ve been following from the start, you may have noticed that this is actually an experiment reintroduced from a few years back. It’s definitely on of my go-to scarves for those crazy cold winter days when all the layers of clothing you own still barely keep you warm. It’s made from an acrylic & wool blend.

Find your very own here: Zig Zag Oversized Cowl Cream Chunky Infinity by CUExperiments

-Cory U

Good Morning, Thursday! 

-Cory U


I realized this year that every time Nuit Blanche comes around, I end up going with someone else. I can recall attending five different years now & I don’t really know how that happens every time. I guess for me, each group of friends is as different as each year’s festival.

This time round I shared the evening with my cousin, Naomi. Technically speaking, I actually shared the entire weekend with her. She said it best when she tweeted, “our talents consist of eating noodles every day, walking forever, & dry humour.” Somewhere in there needs to be a mention of the countless youtube, Say Yes to the Dress, or cheesy movie watching we do too. We’re pretty good at all those activities, but I’ve got to admit the truest one is our blunt, dry humour together.

Starting on Friday & ending on Sunday, we spent our days wandering around & eating delicious foods. In the evenings, we chilled out with the best & the cheesiest viewing entertainment we could find. The exception was Saturday night, which was spent aimlessly wandering around all parts of Toronto with the help of our friend, Anna-Maria.

If you’ve never been to Nuit Blanche, the briefest explanation would be that it is an annual all-night art festival in the streets of Toronto from sunset to sunrise. I must admit that we struggled this year when we weren’t able to get a map & couldn’t find exhibits easily enough with the silly mobile webpage they suggested. Our favourite, (as you can see from the plethora of photos,) was the Walk Among Worlds installation. For some reason I got pretty excited spotting Melbourne (one of my many homes) on a globe in reach. Overall, I still always have a fun experience at Nuit Blanche & love sharing the evening with fun people too.

-Cory U

Notes: Nuit Blanche needs to start printing boat loads beyond boat loads of maps.

Some pictures were taken by the very talented Naomi/itsnomers(Thanks Jello!)

You can get your very own red hat & amethyst scarf that I wore that evening at CUExperiments on etsy.